beknar (beknar) wrote in choy_lay_fut,

signature strikes?

In the Siu Sip Jiu (small cross pattern) form, there is a combination strike that goes like this: double two finger chum-kiu -> double two finger san-kiu -> double upper crossed gum-jin, whose significance is that the practitioner is in a particular choy li fut lineage. Are there others in some of the more advanced forms?

I also noticed a possible application for sparring in the Dai Hung Kuen form, where you do a yum-tsop and step back into a left tau-ma, and then step forward into a horse stance into another yum-tsop in order to advance again. Is this inherently faster than shuffle back and then forward? Is there any other way to apply a yum-tsop to block and strike with the same arm withouto cross-stepping? I'll have to play with this some.
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