Good Time Monkey Kikilon ~<遊び心な猴 キキロン>~ (kikilon) wrote in choy_lay_fut,
Good Time Monkey Kikilon ~<遊び心な猴 キキロン>~


Hello there!
I didn't even know a choy lay fut community had popped up on LJ! Amazing...Anyways, CLF isn't my main style of kung fu, but I am very interested in it and would like to learn more about it.
My main style is wing chun, but we learn one form of CLF (sup jee kal dar) to teach us the principles of circular movements. I haven't been able to find a dedicated choy lay fut school where I live (Melbourne, Aus) apart from one which I didn't like for various reasons.

Anways, that's me.
*bows and sits back down*
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