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Hey all, just wanted to say hi :D

I stumbled across this community and had no idea that there was one for Choy Lay fut. I am pleasantly surprised!! I've just started the path of learning Kung fu and each day I feel stronger and sure of myself. My teachers are really awesome and supportive. Im a newbie, yellow sash but that comes with time and practice the experience naturally.

Either way, glad to of found this community!
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Awesome! Welcome! There are not many practitioners around this community, unfortunately, so it's a little dead. :(

It's getting close to tournament time now, so the pressure's on.

I was curious, which lineage is your choy li fut from? If it's private, no biggie, we cool :)

Have fun with your kung fu!
Its kinda difficult for me to explain, so I'll be lazy ..our lineage is on our school's website


this week Im back at training, so hopefully i can post more.
After examining some more documents, it looks like Tarm Sarm learned from Cheung Hung Sing, who was a disciple of Chan Heung, Choy Li Fut's founder. No wonder I was so confused. Lineage trees are so large and complex, and only the relevant branches are included in the tree for my school.

I wonder how your Buk Sing branch differs from mine? As I said before, in an earlier post, the first two forms they teach us aren't traditional Choy Li Fut forms, they're two sets made up by the Tai Sifu to get the students used to the movements and stances, after which we get to learn the form called the 'Small Cross Pattern' in english. Unfortunately, I forgot the chinese name. Is it much the same at your school or do they get right in with the traditional sets and training methods right away?